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Incorporated in 1991, Tracon Export Services Pvt. Ltd. offers high-quality, ready-to-buy and customised home textile products.


We are proud of our passion, and the work ethic we bring to the job every day – something that has not diminished over the quarter century we have been in business. Our primary goal is to help you – the client – find the quality you’re seeking and the professionalism you deserve.  


Tracon offers a challenging yet nurturing work environment. The average age of our employees is 38, with 36 % of our staff having been with us over 10 years, and our 3 Heads of Departments having helped us grow for 20 to 24 years . We believe in meaningful relationships, which help build confidence and trust. 


We are interested not only in the long-term tenure of the Tracon family, but also in the important relationships we develop with our customers – many going back almost two decades.

The Tracon logo was designed as a nod to the changing seasons – our personal interpretation of this sees each of us remaining flexible with every passing day, always able to cater to a last-minute request or think out of the box, based on a client’s specific need. Just as designs change each season, our deliverables to each client do as well, thus ensuring that we are never static, and always open in our approach to new ideas.


The Tracon product range covers Table and Kitchen Textiles, Cushions & Throws, Seat Pads & Floor Cushion, Outdoor Products, Curtains, Utility Products Table Accessories and Top-of-the-bed.

For textiles our primary raw material is Cotton, and we also offer mixed blends.


Our Sales, Marketing, Design and Administration offices are located in Mumbai, Karur and Gurugram. Our Production facility is in Karur, Tamil Nadu. 


Our products are sold to Retailers, Mail Order Companies, Importers and Distributors.


Customer satisfaction, Employee satisfaction. Maintaining a quality reputation.


We believe in working hard, and driving the Tracon team to achieve high-performance results. Helping our employees consistently realize their potential helps us create an atmosphere of excellence, within which each member of our teams strives to succeed.


Our business philosophy embraces our employees, associates, the communities that provide us services and the environment that supports the entire eco-system of what we do.


We believe in equality of opportunity, and have made a conscious effort to bulk up the representation of ladies on our team. The current male to female ratio is - 3 : 1.


Our response time is engineered to never let you down: we remain available and flexible at all times. Our adherence to time commitment distinguishes us, and our focus on quality is the guarantee that our offerings carry.

Our mission is to offer our customers a high level of service with sustained quality and on time delivery. We aim to provide a work environment in which our employees can realize their potential and thrive in an atmosphere of excellence.


Our envisioned future holds stronger bonds, new relations and unbeatable products and services.


Our mission is to join our customers’ journey to success by offering a consistently high level of service, along with products that meet international standards. 


In a world where an ever-growing dependence on technology negates a need for in-person contact, we still believe in the importance of face time. We therefore make ourselves available to clients at regular intervals, facilitating timely discussions by visiting them in their countries, playing host to them in India and meeting on common grounds during Trade Fairs. 

We ensure that our production and social policies are in line with international norms, so as to keep the focus on Product and let the system take care of basic needs.



We actively promote engagement with employees and associates in a manner that promotes their well being, through medical camps, financial awareness training, timely support during emergencies and understanding the special needs of certain groups.


We work to achieve sensible and practical environmental results in our manufacturing systems. 


We engage with the larger community through initiatives such as Tree Planting, Blood Donation and playing an active role in Industry Associations. 



The Management of Tracon Export Services Pvt Ltd is committed to meet not only the requirements of Social Accountability SA 8000 Standards but also all applicable National & International Laws & regulations pertaining to social accountability issues.   


We are committed to continuously improving our Social Accountability System by:    


Discouraging Child Labour, Forced Labour and Employee Discrimination.


Encouraging Freedom at Work and Freedom of Association


Providing Healthy & Safe working environment for employees.


Creating awareness amongst employees regarding various Committees in the Company


To provide necessary training to our employees


To serve the Society in the best possible way.

Tracon's commitment to providing the highest levels of customer satisfaction.


The Organisation’s primary objectives are to service the orders of each customer with due respect to :


Maintaining the highest product quality standards

Adhering to all applicable international law and regulatory requirements in our manufacturing operations

Shipping the products on time

Meeting ethical standards in all areas of work


Supplying a quality product requires dedicated members of the Tracon team and committed Suppliers to adhere to continual improvement of the Quality Management System and procedures.

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