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Decorative table accessories such as beaded products, napkin rings.

Offered in different finishes / materials as required. 

Accessories can be offered in different motifs, styles to suit the requirement. 

Items                                Generally Produced Sizes

Beaded Runners             13" X 36"

Beaded Placemats          14"X 14" , 15"X 15" (different shapes available)

Beaded Coasters             4"X 4" , 5"X 5" (different shapes available)

Tree Skirts                         44" dia , 52" dia, 60"dia


X-Mas Decorations

Curtain Tiebacks

Napkin Rings                    Standard size

Napkin Rings can be made in following Materials and finishes:

Material - Metal, Glass beads, Plastic beads, Wood, Jute, Cane

Finishes - Brass, Copper, Silver, Antiques, etc.

Items and sizes can be produced specific to requirement, in the preferred unit of measurement

General rules governing MOQ

1) Beaded Items

Runner - 300 to 500 pcs per colour

Placemat - 300 to 500 pcs per colour

Coasters - 1200 to 1600 pcs per colour

2) X-Mas Items

Tree Skirts - 300 to 500 pcs per colour

Stockings - 300 to 500 pcs per colour

X-Mas Decorations - 300 to 500 pcs per colour

3) Napkin Rings

- 800 to 1200 pcs per colour

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