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SAMPLING – Given that what we do is such a visual process, we understand that clients may best be able to place orders with confidence only once they themselves have seen the product. Therefore, we present physical collections for customers to choose from, and then work on customizing the collections to suit their specific requirements.

DYEING - We use Vat and Reactive dyes of international standards and offer color fastness standards that are commercially approved. Colour fastness to rubbing, washing and light is tested for each dye lot. We can closely match colors that are specified by our customers. Our Production Managers personally supervise this process and ensure that all standards are being met.

Our Sampling team puts together all the details and ensures timely delivery of customized samples. Customized sampling usually completes within three to four weeks. Our commercial production closely mirrors the samples.

WEAVING - We use powerlooms and autolooms to weave our fabric. Again, our Production Managers are personally tasked with ensuring the high quality of the resultant fabric.

PRINTING -  We offer printed designs using from table screens to rotary machines, each one suited to volumes and design specific needs. Our work includes even 20 screen work of a highly intensive nature resulting in wonderful reproductions.

VALUE ADDITION - Embroidered items are produced on hand guided machines as well as multihead computerized machines. 

Products are also offered with beadwork, different trims, tassels, laces, sequins and other embellishments. 

Various stitching techniques are used such as smocking, pleating, pin tucking, quilting etecetra.

STITCHING – Tracon is home to a team of highly-skilled tailors, whose expert needlework can be found on everything from simple, hemmed tablecloths to bags with intricate bead work. Their work is supervised by Quality Controllers who constantly check the product to ensure standards are being met. Our in-house Stitching Unit, based in Karur, meets International Social Audit norms, and has been suitably accredited.

INSPECTION – All production, from fabric to made-up products, is inspected by our Quality Assurance team. Strict quality control is the norm, and AQL standards are used.

PACKING - This is a highly labor-intensive process. Our Supervisors monitor the packing team to ensure correct packing methods are followed, as well as making sure that correct labels and hang tags are in place, and other packing instructions are followed.

DISPATCH - Products are packed in export-ready cartons and dispatched generally from the Chennai (Madras) port, where our team oversees the timely completion of Customs documentation and shipment of the goods. We offer a highly competent Clearing and Forwarding Service, but are also amenable to working with the customer's nominated forwarders.

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