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Cotton woven, printed, embroidered, specially processed and coated fabrics, converted into made ups that are tailored bespoke to your preferred sizes.

Items                              Generally Produced Sizes

Drapery panels             140 X 260 cm

Curtain Sets                   115 X 150 cm

Can be made in following styles,

Rod Pockets, Tab Tops, Pencil Pleats, Back Tab, Grommets

Items and sizes can be produced specific to requirement, in the preferred unit of measurement

General rules governing MOQ

1) Woven designs

- up to 2-3 colours 700 meters per warp

- up to 4-8 colours 900 meters per warp

- beyond 8 colours 1200 meters per warp

2) Printed designs

- up to 2-4 colours 500 meters per design and colour

- more than 4 colours 1000 meters per design and colour

3) Dyed fabric

- 500 meters if the fabric width is less than 63"

- 1000 meters if the fabric width is more than 63"

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